Roadmaster’s exclusive Cushion Air Glide suspension system includes outboard-mounted air bags protected by steel plates which are placed farther apart than the competition, providing a wider and more stable platform for the coach. Tag axle models include two additional inboard-mounted air bags, further balancing the ride.

Roadmaster optimizes a wide range of factors to give you greater maneuverability: the exclusive Cushion Air Glide suspension system, shorter wheelbase lengths and a front axle placement that is designed exclusively for each motorhome. It all adds up to a remarkable turning radius that will get you through the tightest situations safely and with ease. Roadmaster’s long draglink counteracts bump steer for smooth steering. Compared to typical independent front suspensions, Roadmaster’s I-Beam Straight Angle suspension has a much lower roll rate, lower maintenance costs and does not compromise the structural integrity of the motorhome.

Roadmaster’s exclusive chassis rail design, coupled with the SmartStructure integrated steel truss system, makes it the most structurally sound chassis in the industry. Unlike other designs, the Roadmaster frame rail chassis design offers continuous support throughout the chassis — and increased pass-through storage for your convenience.

Roadmaster’s body and basement construction utilizes the most advanced design and engineering to distribute stress evenly throughout the entire chassis, reducing the possibility of torque or twisting and increasing durability and reliability. It’s the ultimate foundation for a luxury ride.

  • Roadmaster's engine choices include the industry-leading power of MaxxForce™ and Cummins® with horsepower ranging from 340 to 650 and torque ratings up to 1,950 lb. ft. The power you need, when you need it.
  • Reliable Allison® transmissions provide smoother shifts, faster acceleration and are more nimble in all driving conditions
  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC) helps to eliminate wheel spin at the drive axle and heightens control in slick conditions.
  • Cushion Air-Glide Suspension keeps the motorhome in proper trim position, which minimizes body sway and “porpoising” and provides superb stability and maneuverability
  • Steel-cage cockpit, steel firewall and steel stepwell provide added strength and safety.
  • Up to 10,000 lb. hitch receiver offers powerful towing capacity
  • Exhaust and engine brakes reduce wear and tear on wheel brakes

testing our metal
Testing Our Metal
Introducing "Testing Our Metal", the film that documents our extreme chassis testing.